Depending on the humidity levels and weather conditions, temperatures in urbanised areas can often reach up to 30°C and higher. Because of this, almost every home in the country has an air conditioner. It provides comfort, improves air quality, and maintains the ideal indoor temperature.

Nowadays, more homes keep their air conditioners on because of home-based learning and work-from-home arrangements brought about by the pandemic. To ensure your unit runs efficiently even when used more frequently, you should opt for regular air conditioner cleaning.

Learn more about the benefits of regular cleaning and how often you should have your unit professionally cleaned by reading this article.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning?

Just like any other electrical appliance, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Boost efficiency Dust and debris can accumulate over time in your AC unit. When your air filters get clogged, the air-flow can be blocked, forcing your air conditioner to work harder than it should. This causes it to consume more electricity and can even lead to overheating or breakdowns. Regularly cleaning the filters can help your unit perform more efficiently.

  • Reduce dust and grime buildup Your air conditioner may collect more than just dust. To cool the air in a room, water vapour condenses on the coils which can lead to bacteria and grime build-up when water and dust combine. You can keep your unit free from dirt by hiring professionals who offer home cleaning services and air conditioner cleaning service.

  • Improve air quality In a post-pandemic world, maintaining the health of yourself and your loved ones should be a top priority. One way to create a healthy living environment is to have a clean air conditioner. Clean units provide clean air and better air filtration, so you are assured germs will not spread all over your home.

How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Cleaned?

Air conditioners have to be cleaned frequently. Here is the recommended cleaning schedule for a typical suburban household in Kuala Lumpur weather:

  • If the unit is used almost every day
    ❖ Every 2-4 weeks: Air filter cleaning
    ❖ Every 4-6 months: Regular cleaning
    ❖ Every 8-12 months: Chemical cleaning
  • If the unit is used once a week
    ❖ Every 4-6 weeks: Air filter cleaning
    ❖ Every 6-8 months: Regular cleaning
    ❖ Every 12 months: Chemical cleaning
  • If the unit is used once a month
    ❖ Every three months: Clean the air filters
    ❖ Every 12 months: Chemical cleaning

What Are the Factors That Affect the Recommended Air Conditioner Cleaning Schedule?

Every air conditioner is used differently. To accurately determine how frequently you should clean your unit, here are some factors to consider:

  • Environment: Where your house is located can impact how often you should have your air conditioner cleaned. For example, you may have to consider more frequent cleaning if you live in an area with a lot of dust. Your will also have to consider your outdoor compressor too, especially if there are a lot of bushes or leaves nearby that could clog up your compressor. If there is more dust buildup, your air conditioner will require more frequent cleaning.

  • Age: The parts and seals of your air conditioner wear out the more you use it. If you have an older unit, you will need to have it cleaned more often and maintained.

  • Working temperature: Your unit may also need more frequent cleaning if it always struggle to get to your set temperature. For example, if you always set your unit to 20°C you may have to book air conditioner cleaning from a home care service provider more often.

Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned!

Air conditioner cleaning is required to keep your unit running optimally and to maintain its good condition for many years to come. Now that you know of its importance and how often you need to seek unit cleaning, book an appointment today with your trusted home care service provider.

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