Malaysians need quality rest to stay healthy, but getting good sleep is getting harder as most lead a hectic and stress-filled lifestyle. Creating a bedroom that promotes relaxation is key to hitting the sack without much trouble; which is why high-quality mattresses are an important investment. But even the best mattress in the market can become the cause of your living nightmare due to one small problem: bed mites.

Seeing as people spend a third of their life sleeping in their beds, mattresses have become a breeding ground for bacteria as they can easily trap dust, dead skin, and other allergens. While it’s tempting to plop down on the bed immediately, some household chores just cannot be ignored, and this includes mattress cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

With that in mind, here are some easy cleaning tips that can help you get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about bed bugs.

1. The mattress cleaning process starts with leaving your mattress, coverings, pillowcases, and bedding to hang outside on a regular basis. Mites hate extreme temperatures, so allowing your mattress to ventilate for a few hours in the sun can prevent bed bugs from settling in your bedding.

2. Before cleaning your mattress, it’s best to vacuum it to remove as much dust, dirt, hair, and dead skin cells as possible before giving it a good wash. A clean surface makes for easier deep cleaning later.

3. You can sanitise your mattress using kitchen items like baking soda, which can effectively neutralize foul smells. Corn starch is great for absorbing body oil, while a mixture of water with vinegar is a strong choice to completely remove any lingering smells.

4. For deep cleaning, you first have to gather all your cleaning supplies such as:
– A vacuum cleaner
– Mild laundry detergent
– Baking soda
– A cloth
– Cold or lukewarm water

The next step is to remove the bedding, coverings and pillowcases and leave them soaking in a hot wash plus tumble-dry at high temperatures, if you have a dryer available.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Regular Mattress Cleaning

A clean, fresh mattress can make all the difference between blissful slumber or a night wasted tossing and turning. With that in mind, the cleaning tips mentioned above should help you when you start cleaning your mattress, but it’s the kind of chore that can be quite tedious to maintain.

Hiring professional cleaners to do the work for you is the most cost-effective method to get your chores done without compromising your surroundings. Plus, our expertise ensures you can say goodbye to bed bugs for good. With our excellent cleaning services, you can finally squeeze in a good snooze and say goodbye to sleepless nights!

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