Experience A Full Bed Cleaning Service

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service

A good night’s sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being, and a clean mattress plays a vital role in achieving it.

WonderKlean’s professional mattress cleaning service helps to deep clean your mattress, eliminating dirt, dust mites and other allergens that can disrupt your sleep and cause health issues.

Our CUCKOO+ Service Team uses industry-approved equipment to deep clean your mattress, removing all factors that cause health issues and disrupt your sleep. Not only does our mattress cleaning service improve the overall hygiene of your mattress, but it also helps to prolong the lifespan of your mattress, saving you money in the long run.

Don’t let a dirty mattress affect your quality of sleep—contact WonderKlean today to schedule your mattress cleaning service and enjoy a restful night’s sleep every night.

Triple Supreme Deep Cleaning

Restores a clean mattress without contaminants and bugs
powerful vacuum cleaning


  • Professional-standard vacuuming equipment with twice the suction power.
  • Removes allergen-causing particles, dust, and micro debris.

hydro cleaning


  • Deep cleaning using our H2O Storm Cleaning method.

all in hunting


  • Matrix Grid Method accurately detects all microbes.
  • Effectively killing bed bugs and dust mites.

7 Thorough Steps Secure Your Sleep Quality

Lint Removing

Following that, a meticulous lint removal step is carried out to make sure your mattress is lint-free and fresh.


Bedframe Cleaning

Our process includes wiping down with disinfectant and dry-cleaning to ensure a clean surface.


Pillow Dry-Cleaning

A thorough dry-clean for your pillows will leave them fresh and comfortable.


Mattress Dry-Cleaning

The first step of our mattress cleaning process, focused on purging existing dust mites, bed bugs and dust particles.


Hydro Cleaning

Followed by our H20 Storm Cleaning method and water vacuum to deep clean your mattress.


Thorough Vacuuming

Anti-gravity Cyclone Trap, line by line


Repellent Spraying

Finishing off with a non-toxic bed bug repellent to prevent potential pest invasion.

Powered by CUCKOO+ Service Team


  • A 2,000-strong CUCKOO+  Service Team

Fully-equipped Experts

  • We use specialised equipment to thoroughly clean your bed

Comprehensive Procedure

  • We have developed a strict S.O.P. for optimal results
mattress cleaning expert

Why You Should Clean Your Mattress Now

Health reasons
Maintaining Good Health

We recommend professional mattress cleaning twice a year to prevent invasion from bed bugs, dust mites and fungal microbes.


Common health issues that result from an unclean mattress:

Longer mattress lifespan
Maximizing Mattress Lifespan

Good mattress care is key to making sure your mattress usage lasts as long as possible. This would include regular disinfection, stain removal.

Professional cleaning mattress makes a difference. Some problems that may arise without professional cleaning may include:

for a smarter budget and spending
Saving You From Unnecessary Spending

Better sleep means a better quality mattress. And quality mattresses don’t come cheap.

Extending your mattress life with regular cleaning will save you money in the long run.

From as low as RM60*, our mattress deep cleaning services will prolong your bed’s lifespan without breaking the bank.

WonderKlean Mattress
Cleaning Service Price

Wonderklean mattress care service

One-time Purchase


RM 280

* Terms & conditions apply

* Service duration may very depending on the mattress size.

WonderKlean Flexi GOOODPLAN™
A flexible plan for you to enjoy professional cleaning services!

Indoor Disinfection


Washing Machine
Cleaning Service


Kitchen Appliances
Cleaning Service

Mattress Cleaning Service

Air Conditioner
Cleaning Service

* Terms and conditions apply.
* Available with WonderKlean Flexi GOOODPlan for home users only



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