At the end of a long day, quality sleep is key to maintaining good physical health, and more importantly, mental health. Wouldn’t it be very frustrating if your mattress makes you feel uncomfortable and sick rather than comfortable and relaxed?

Since a mattress has the potential to affect your overall health, many researchers have criticised different mattress companies for poor design and construction. Some are not good for your posture, others can be bad for the skin circulation, and a few can even cause irritation due to dust or grime. The problem lies in the difficulty of cleaning the insides of a mattress due to how they are made.

If you experience health problems every time you lie down on your bed, the problem might originate from the mattress. Here are some of the reasons why you might be feeling a little under the weather when you retreat to your mattress.

Your Mattress Could Be Infested With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, also known as dust mites, are very hard to notice due to their size.

These tiny critters eat flaking or dead skin, making irregularly cleaned mattresses an attractive source of food for them. Bed bugs can be fairly dangerous because they release waste pellets that you might breathe in. They are microscopic in size and highly resilient, making them quite difficult to handle without professional aid.

In order to prevent bed bugs, you can use mattress protectors or impermeable sheets. You should also clean your bed regularly by vacuuming all the dust and insects before they can infiltrate your mattress.

Your Mattress Contains Harsh Chemicals

You might assume that your new mattress is made from safe materials, like cotton and metal springs. However, that is not always the case.

Some mattresses include boric acid, which can irritate your skin and even damage your eyes. Some also contain formaldehyde which causes dermatitis and itching. Enough exposure to polyurethane can also worsen your allergies and cause organ toxicity.

While these chemicals may serve a purpose, such as resisting fire, they can also be toxic due to prolonged exposure.

Your Mattress Has Accumulated Bacteria and Allergens

Mattresses are very prone to accumulating dust. Dust can be quite hard to remove as it tends to stick to your mattress. Thorough and regular cleaning is needed to rid your bed of these microscopic particles which causes sickness.

Dust usually originates from your body (as dead skin cells) or from the materials inside your house. It can be very hard to see. So if you move on your mattress a lot, there is a possibility of inhaling it which can affect your long-term health. Moreover, dust can also become trapped inside your mattress, making it even more difficult to clean.

Keep in mind

To avoid these issues, you can clean and replace your mattress. Making sure to invest in a quality mattress, cleaning it regularly, and taking it to professional cleaners when necessary will make all the difference in your quality of sleep and overall health in the long run.

If you feel worried about the possible bugs, dust, and bacteria living in your mattress, you can contact a professional mattress cleaning service provider like us! At WonderKlean, we provide indoor disinfection service, mattress cleaning service, washing machine cleaning services, and more.

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