Cleaning one’s home often looks the same in every household: you remove any unwanted clutter from each corner of your home, scrub the stains sullying your space, and sweep the dust bunnies to keep them at bay. Unfortunately, all that effort doesn’t necessarily remove persistent dander hiding in your home.

These dirty, germ-hoarding items often go under the radar despite being in plain sight, making them all the more grubby since they’re rarely given any TLC. They are the things you encounter daily, masked behind a clean facade despite being a breeding ground for bacteria.

What are they?

Dirty Spot #1: Stove Knobs

Not a day goes by without someone in your home turning the stove knobs on. While the “home cook” knows to wipe off any unsightly stains, it can still harbor plenty of germs. Not only are they constantly at work, but they’re also exposed to shifting temperatures, making them a breeding ground for coliform bacteria. Studies found that stove knobs also promote yeast and mold growth, so it’s important to wash and disinfect them frequently using warm, soapy water.

Dirty Spot #2: Kitchen Cloth

Another contender for housing bacteria right under your nose is the kitchen cloth. But it shouldn’t be a surprise if you think about how it is used to wipe food-stained tables, oils off the stove, or even to dry wet hands. With all the surfaces it touches and “cleans”, it gets filthier, resulting in over 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter, as stated in a 2008 study on the cleanliness of kitchen cloths.

Dirty Spot #3: Spices and Seasoning Containers

People often handle raw food when preparing for chowtime at home, but that means touching them and then switching to your seasoning rack, right? How else would you season your meats to perfection?

A quick rinse and a wipe using the kitchen cloth seems like a good way to maintain your hygiene while preparing raw food, but it’s not enough to fully kill the bacteria transferred to your hands.

So touching meat and then going for the salt can also encourage the spread of salmonella bacteria; that’s why it’s always crucial to wash these containers properly using warm water and disinfecting soap.

The Bottom Line: The Most Overlooked Yet Dirtiest Spots in Your Home Deserve Deep Cleaning!

Sanitising your home can be a chore, especially if you can’t access certain hard-to-reach areas or spots that deserve more attention than meets the eye. Instead of going through another back-breaking effort to keep your space as pristine as it can be, why not rely on the professional work of deep cleaning services?

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