Bed bugs are essentially small insects that are generally brown and oblong-shaped. Much like parasitic leeches, they live off human skin and blood. They are a rather dangerous threat to your household and must be dealt with immediately at the first signs.

As discreet as they can seem, there are actually some tangible signs of bed bugs that you can look out for.

Typically, the best action to take is to call in a professional cleaning service provider for a full examination of your house, but learning the signs is useful too. That way, a call can be made as soon as it’s necessary.

If you’re worried about a bed bug infestation, identify these 3 signs that will help you decide on the next course of action.

1. Do You Have Bites on Your Skin?

Many people see this as the first sign of something being wrong. Bed bugs feed off of people while they’re asleep and bites can show up in the morning.

2. Is There a Particularly Musty Odor?

Bed bugs sometimes emit pheromones which have a musty, slightly sweet odour from their bodies. It’s usually comparable to raspberries or even coriander.

However, not all bed bugs can produce a smell that the human nose can detect. If you’re able to notice the smell, chances are you do have bed bugs in your home. It’s generally a sign of things becoming quite severe and that you’re in need of some deep cleaning services from a professional.

3. Are there Rusty or Brown Stains on your Sheets?

It’s entirely possible to roll over on a bed bug that’s just fed off of you while you sleep.

In cases like these, a rust-coloured stain would appear on your bed sheet. When there’s a blood-like stain on your sheets that’s not from a scab, zit or other flesh wounds, bed bugs are a likely cause.

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